Alexander Milov
Born on the 1st of April 1979 in Odessa (the USSR).

1981 – 1985 Did art paiting of the family library and neighbors' walls .

1986 Was a director, cinematographer and an film artist in two short films ''Roboment'' ( parody of " Robocop" movie ) and " Simply Marpha" (sequel of a tv serial " The Rich Also Cry").

1987 – 1991 Made copies of all the known gum liners, all the works are in private collections at the moment.

1992 Studied the course ''Cartoonist'' based on Odessa Film Studio. Started writing poetry. Took up literature and extreme sports.

1992 – 1995 Took up producing and painting boards for skateboarding, issued exclusive comics and school wallpaper.

1995 Entered Odessa Grekov State Art College at the faculty of Art Decoration. The very same year took a study leave.

1996 -1999 Took up the course of Acting in Odessa Theatrical lyceum. Founded and ran the local street art movement. Took part in city competitions '' Graffity'', won the Presidential scholarship and an official license to do street art on all city fences. Simultaneously took up art tattooing. Got the diploma on VDNKh (Exhibition of Economic Achievements), Moscow, for the best decoration of the exhibition pavilion for English shipping company ''Wayfield''. Was an art-director in an advertising company ''Extreme design'', where produced image advertising for the leading vodka brands. Started studying for a while but rather successfully at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Odessa Grekov State Art College, where principally ran student amateurism.

2000 – 2005 Took up sculpture, architecture and interior design. Built and decorated dozens of public places, some of which still are imprescriptible details of Odessa ( interenet café '' Mouse club'', restaurant ''Papparazzi'', shop '' Plasticine'' , shop '' City'' , studio '' Radio Feel'' , beach '' San Marine'' and ''Aquapolis'' . night clubs ''Coco nut'', '' Malibu'', '' Solnechnoye'' ( "Sunny''), '' Strawberry'' , art –café ''Vyhod'' etc. ) Founded the studio of 3D Graphics and animation ''Catapulta''. Did shooting of a few animation cartoons, did directing and screenwriting for a few TV projects. For a while worked as a cameraman, shot concerts of touring performers for ''Radio Feel''. Took up working in polygraphs.

2006 –2008 learned blacksmith's craft , art castings and glass moulding, stained-glass window , mosaic, modeling, introligation, fabrics cutting out and theatrical make up. Simultaneously got the reputation of rather good brand ID and image developer (portfolio of logo counts about 300 various companies). Founded own creative organization ''TAKOE'', on its basis shot a few videos and advertising animation (for companies ''TandD'' and ''TOYOTA"). Participated in Ukrainian-Japanese festival of contemporary art (Odessa) and exhibition in Museum of Contemporary Art ( Kiev).

2009 Shot an animation "Pripevochka", that participated in the screenings at the Cannes Film Festival.
Organized and packaged the First Convention of Internet Party of Ukraine (Odessa). Made decorations for a few Alan Badoev's musical videos. Commissioned by TIS company erected a monumental statue of "Iron Man" (road Odessa- the Crimea, near Yuzhnyi town).

2010 founded a virtual film school "Ura" ("Hurray"), made a series of short films. Performed as an actor in the project "Mademoiselle Zhivago" ( directed by A. Badoev, Lara Fabian). Was one of cofounders of Odessa Theater on Tea Factory. During the First International Odessa Film Festival made a documentary- fiction film " Barefoot" with the participation of some celebrities (Rutger Oelsen Hauer, S. Migitsko). Afterwards was invited to shooting of a film "Once in Odessa" as 2nd AC (director – S. Ginsburg, cinematographer- Ed Moshkovich). Shot a short film "VIKINBRAT".

2011Organized an actual film school "Ura" ("Hurray"), was an art director of a TV project MAIDAN' S ( tv channel Inter). Ran "film practice " for the listeners of summer school of Odessa International Film Festival, with the result of 5 short films. Made a video "Obnimashki" (the Hugs) (500.000 views) to the birthday of Odessa. Shot a film " the Revenge" that got the prize for the best direction and people's choice award at the festival " Kinomedia" (Kiev).

2012 Founded film company "MAMAI Production", where during one year was shooying short films, musical videos and social advrtising. In spring was the art director of the film "Pawnshop" ( director L. Levitskiy, film company MMG Films ). Represented Odessa at the world tourism exhibition in Berlin with the video "Obnimashki". Organized the support of student projects in Film Schools. To Odessa's birthday presented a video " My City :)".

2013 Made animation " Pripevochka 2". Started production of "Odessafilm" project. Started working on animation " The Mirror" , short film " the Late May" and the first long meter movie " the Snails" .

2014 Shot at about 20 advertising videos , most of which was the electional campaign of Darth Vader in Ukraine. Made a series of bigboards, decorations, army of clons and a special transportation. Shot the first part of the project "Odessafilm" . Made a project of a set of monuments for Odessa.

2015 Worked on the second part of the project "Odessafilm" and the project "LOVE" for Burning man. Transformed the monument to Lenin into the monument to Darth Vader in Odessa.

2016 Worked on a series of monumental sculptures, Archangel Michael ( 33 meters/ 108 feet high, 13 tons/ 28660,1 pounds ). Personal exhibition of fine art in the Unity of Painters ( Odessa, Ukraine). Foundation and organisation of an annual festival « Agon – Baba» (Fire- Girl ).

2017 The robort « TransUkrobots» was made. The project «Paper Boat» was also executed. «Love» sculpture was installed in Hungary. Organisation of an annual festival « Agon – Baba 2» (Fire- Girl ). A metal monument « Agon – Baba » ( 13 m high) was installed in Kinburn area( Ukraine)

2018 A copy of LOVE installed in Odessa ( Ukraine) . « Monument to Power» was carried out ( sculpture 1/10). A project " Vitwurnia" ( Lodz, Poland )was in the process. A Heineken international Project " Follow a Star" was held. Organisation of an annual festival « Agon – Baba 3» (Fire- Girl ).

2019 Installing the monument "Listen to the World with Your Heart" (in the framework of the festival "Vivid ), Sidney, Australia. Organisation of an annual festival « Agon – Baba 4» (Fire- Girl ). The installment of this monument in Odessa. Installement of the first monument from series « Family» - « Daughter». Delivering a lecture «Innovations in Arts» in Skolkovo ( Moscow, Russia).A lecture on a social responsibility of an artist (School of Contemporary Art , Zaporozhye, Ukraine). A lecture « Monomyth»for Mason Stone (Moscow, Russia). A personal exhibition in Kyiv . Presentation of the monument « Mistkynya» American House ( Kyiv, Ukraine). An exhibition of sculpture in River Port ( Kyiv, Ukraine). Creation of the sculpture «Artefact Chernobyl» ( Project «Artefact , Chernobyl» , Chernobyl, Ukraine).

2020 Foundation of an annual Maslennitsa Festival ( Goa, India). Installement of the monuments from series «Family» - «Father», « Mother» , «Son». Installement of the monument « Listen to the World with Your Heart»» ( Odessa, Ukraine). Organisation of an annual festival « Agon – Baba 5» (Fire- Girl) in Burgaz.

2021 Developed a series of monuments to the problem of coronavirus for Dubai and Odessa. Designed the design and a series of sculptures for iTown (Odessa) and "Literary" (Odessa). He dismantled the sculpture of the archangel from the Stalkanat plant. Held "Agon-Baba 6" in Kyiv as part of the gathering Ukraine Burners. Moved to live and work in Bali (Indonesia).

2022 Designed and built the monumental sculpture "The Birth of a New World" for the Nuanu project (Bali, scheduled for installation in the spring of 2023) Created the sculptures "Coronavirus" and "3Love" for participation in the auction in support of the victims of the war in Ukraine, organized by the "GlobalCitizenForum" (Dubai).

2023 Created “Agon-Baba 7” for "Lampu" of the regional festival "Burning Man".
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